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Repinning - needed the smile. Now - to get MY dog in on the freebies.

When little kids wanna play Simon says and I don't..

My secret @Victoria's Secret ;-)

27 Hilarious Disney Princess Texts From Last Night...OH MY GOD funny as heck.

Lmao true story!

This Close To Losing It

A former principal quoted this to us during a faculty meeting and it has stuck with me since.

#snow #winter #goaway #medea #hilarious

Willy Wonka meme. Crossfit. Humor.

Target Truth

A bully called this guy and his friends "The Fruit Basket", this was what they made their team name for dodgeball. I want this for my team


This is just too funny

Dogs in toddler socks are hilarious (and actually the socks help protect paws from hot pavement)

I'm Not Saying She's A Slut But Her Favorite Shade Of Lipstick Is Penis. This was way too funny.

Just maybe...

Hahahaha white elephant gift

who wore it better?

Everyone says kids are bad about this but my pets won't let me potty in peace to save my life.

girl's problem