wooly thyme, creeping thyme,

Soften the hard edges of stone steps, paths, or patios with tough but pretty ground covers that can withstand more than a little stomping!

Creeping thyme

Creeping Perennials: Ground-hugging perennials like vinca, thyme, and creeping Jenny make an excellent no-mow lawn cover. (#lawn #garden)

how to make a simple stone path

wild thyme...i like...

Succulent pathway


Love these pavers, trying to locate local vender now

wooly thyme, white thyme, veronica

Creeping Thyme.. grows in drought.

Slab stone steps

recipe for moss

CREEPING THYME - 1) Ground Cover that is tolerable to being walked on 2) Aromatic 3) Height 2 - 4" with a 12 - 24"+ width 4) Will grow in shade/part shade/sun but will flower more in the full sun 5) Blooms spring - summer

Love square concrete pavers with grass around for walk ways


ooo, the moss...

Gardener's Supply: 12" x 12" Stomp Stones™ - Recycled Rubber Pavers: Drop & Stomp. Pavers resemble flagstones, but they’re lightweight and much easier to carry and install than heavy stone or concrete pavers. Simply set them in place, step on them and the sharp beveled edge underneath cuts into grass, gravel, sand or soil, creating a stable, textured, non-slip surface

Permeable Patio - Carlson built to replace an old, impermeable concrete slab. She laid ribbons of stones she had collected for years—bounty sifted out of the soil in her clients' gardens—between aggregate pavers. Then she swept a commercial compost made from garden clippings and vegetable trimmings into the spaces between the pavers to promote feathery moss growing in the gaps.