50 shades of grey party signature drink with recipe

"Fifty Shades of Gin" --a new cocktail recipe from the Heathman Hotel inspired by the "Fifty Shades of Grey" series.

Raspberry Ice Tea Martini

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini, with Homemade White Chocolate Liqueur | Will Cook For Friends

50 Shades themed drinks! So many delicious choices: Red Room of Pain, Kinky Fuckery, Twitchy Palm!! These would be so much fun at a Passion Party! www.passionexpressions.com

Put a Lid on It - Mason Jar Cocktails Individual cold drinks in cute mason jars are the addition to your next party! Pre-mixed cocktails - easy way to pull off tiki drinks for a luau: Screwdriver (6 oz Orange Juice, 2 oz Vodka). Tiki Fruity Punch (3 oz Fruit punch,3 oz orange juice, 2 oz rum). Blue Lagoon (1.5 oz Blue Curaco, Lemonade, cherry). Half and Half (1/2 iced tea, 1/2 lemonade)

Fifty Shades of Grey Party: fruit on zip ties! How clever.

50 Shades of Grey...OMG these pics are hillarious! i am SOOOOOOOOO doing this for when the movie comes out. such an awesome idea! y did i never think of this!? :)

Halloween drinks - adult only

Fantastically put together '50 Shades of Grey' themed party! Wow! www.pureromance.com/sarahamatthews

50 shades party!!

50 Shades of Grey Passion Party #DIY #party #planning

50 shades of grey party food idea

PArty Food: 50 Shades of Grey Party {Adult Birthday} http://Cikeithiasapp.yourpassionconsultant.com Great idea for those Adult Passion Parties

Legend of Jack Sparrow anyone?

Fifty Shades of Grey party - gotta love those hard and soft limits!

Sex on the Beach Jell-O Shots!! They tasted exactly like the drink!

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Girls Night: Fifty Shades of Grey theme party and recipes.

50 Shades of Grey Cocktails

caramel apple martini