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Yearbook ideas http://www.yearbooklife.com/yearbooks/yearbook-covers/

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I like how the pictures look like they're in a random pile. Could be good for divider pages

G1: Yearbook Cover. This yearbook cover uses symmetry. I like it because I think it's simple and cool and it fits KAS pretty well. I think it will not be too hard because we only need to change the color and the big letter. (1)Change the "B" to maybe "K" or "KAS" (2)Change the color.

yearbook layout - maybe field day

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INFOGRAPHIC:would be an interesting topic for a graphic. How much the average student spends on prom #yearbook

theme idea

Great example of how journalism can be used in a yearbook to capture a big story. Pictavo yearbooks. www.pictavo.com

Beautifully intriguing magazine from Norweigan magazine D2


i like the big picture, i like it as a title page, and i like the theme idea -- like no other!!

Story idea: To interview students over what their opinions on teachers are(both good and bad) and without naming the teacher's names.

Displaying visual and verbal content elements together presents a more complete story. Be strategic and find the most exciting and effective way to package information. How will you implement visual and verbal content elements on your spreads this year?

Best yearbook page!