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sky dancers. aka- flies away and hits little sister in the face dancers =]

{this would be such a cute grouping up on a shelf} Collection of stacking toys

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

Kaleidoscope. We just bought one like this at a thrift store. Brought back memories.

35 Things You Will Never See Again.. even though you can find some

Tiny Toons flip car. I think this is the one I had, and eventually the wheels came off

Paper Fortune Tellers Our fortunes were things like "you're stupid" or "you suck" and "You're cool." Yup.... we were pretty nifty kids @Kathleen Publicover

Baby Headstand Surprise Doll 1996. I LOVED this as a kid! She was soooo much fun!

There was a store at the mall with these that fascinated me . . . I can only imagine how much more fun they'd be after a little weed.

The worst was when the bubbles came out the straw into your mouth...

Monchichi Monchichi your so soft and cuddly! (this was my favorite toy as a kid- until his hair came off)