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Summarizing before an exam.

When pretty much everything seems to be important... #college #life #studying @Lindsey Grande Grande Grande Weintraub


Avoid using the word 'very'

Dead Poet's Society- the writing advice I'll always treasure

Nursing school is easy. FALSE. It makes me want to die a thousand deaths. Nursing school humor. Registered nurse funny. RN. Student Nurse. Dwight Schrute meme.

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Community Post: Dumb Student Late Assignment

LOL . . . ah the clever ways students invent to avoid doing their work on time . . . just ask for a freaking extension - 90% of teachers are understanding if you have a better reason than "I couldn't do it because I was getting drunk"

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43 Reasons Studying Abroad In Paris Destroys You For Life

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend

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Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer #typography #fonts … …


The reality of my dating life…

hehehehe...this makes me giggle


Should I sleep or should I shower?

Every freaking morning. Especially on rainy days like today where I have 2 tests and got little sleep the night before.