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from Etsy

Recycled Leather Jacket Messenger Bag,Crossbody Bag,Unisex Messenger Bag, Laptop Bag / Handmade & Upcycled in GERMANY / Model paul-1942

Bag Upcycled
Upcycled Messenger
Messenger Unisex
Jacket Upcycled
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Leather Messenger Bag // Upcycled and Handmade by by peace4youBAGS

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Montague Leather

Montague leather satchel

from Ugmonk

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag (Army)

Army Ugmonk
Ugmonk Waxed
Plated Rivets
Nickel Plated
Current Messenger
Shawn Wishlist
Darling Guy
Canvas Messenger
Leather Messenger

I pulled my current messenger bag out of a dumpster ten years ago. It might be about time to trade up.

from DaWanda

Leather Shoulder Bag with Clutch Set and the elong

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8/29/16 The reason why I chose this image was because this bag is beautifully done with two tone colored leather. Leather Shoulder Bag with Clutch Set and the elong

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Ally Capellino
Capellino Waxed
Capellino Jonathan
Bag Ally
Gentlemen Caller

++ jonathan waxed cotton messenger bag

Beale Mini
Bravo Beale
Nice Bag S
Bag Tumi
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Alpha Bravo

Alpha Bravo Beale Mini Messenger Bag by Tumi at Neiman Marcus.

from Serbags

Old School 14'' Brown Leather and Canvas Messenger Bag

Canvas Messenger Bags
School Messenger Bags
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Leather 14
Canvas Leather
Length Coffee

#Mens Canvas Leather Old School #Messenger Bag Coffee

from The FRYE Company

Celia X Stitch

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GABRIELLE'S AMAZING FANTASY CLOSET | Frye Celia X Stitch Tan Leather Tote | You can see the Rest of the Outfit and my Remarks on this board. - Gabrielle

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++ leather & cotton canvas messenger bag