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    Diagram showing the sympathies between the macro and microcosm, featured in Athanasius Kircher's Mundus Subterraneus.

    From the Greek Key of Solomon

    Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 606, detail of f. 14r. Christine de Pizan, Épître d’Othéa. Paris, c. 1406. ‘The Judgement of Midas’. Sadly, Midas preferred wind instruments to strings and was given the ears of an ass for his pains.

    Kabbalah Tree of Life

    Kabbalah Tree of Life / Tarot

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    When Christians mock Christians, are we so ignorant of the fact that this act is no more than the mocking of God himself? Is not God being mocked, but the grieving of His Spirit? Do we not think about what we are sowing in the larger body of Christ? And unto a darkened world? Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

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    Tree of Life~ Heptacosmos of the Kabbalah with Earth as Daath: the dimension which overlaps all others. Kether is symbolized as the Milky Way being the God-Head or highest possible state of consciousness. This diagram theoretically depicts all cosmic paths within theosophy, from the beginning of creation to end of days and rebirth.

    The Huguenot Cross

    The Sacred Heart

    World without water. Den Aardkloot, 1690

    Ace Of Wands - Deviant Moon Tarot

    Figa hand illustrated graphic.

    Alchemy Notebook: Crow by Ninth Wave Designs

    Isis made all the more awesome because it looks like she is holding a lightsaber

    1852 antique anatomy EYES print

    sacred geometry in gold + gray. These are what typically spin at the top/end of clients head and feet