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The World - an unusual representation. This card means rebirth, celebration of an accomplishment that has helped us grow. Giving birth to the true self.

Le sphere de monde by Oronce Fine, 1549 d For background see:

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Français 606, detail of f. 14r. Christine de Pizan, Épître d’Othéa. Paris, c. 1406. ‘The Judgement of Midas’. Sadly, Midas preferred wind instruments to strings and was given the ears of an ass for his pains.

Ouroboros in Pere Lachaise. The ouroboros is traditionally depicted as a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail, resulting in a circle. The ouroboros is regarded as a symbol of infinity and renewal. It has also been used as a symbol for totality, mercury, and truth.

Byrhtferth’s Diagram - a visual meditation on the cosmic and religious resonances of computus, its subject the harmony of the twelve months and four elements, of time and the material world.