French silk dress ca. 1865

france, ca. 1865

Dress (1860-61) Quintessential 1860s ruched ball gown (with bows!). Good example of large scale trim to fill the space.

Dress Date: ca. 1865

Dress (Robe à la Française), 1775-1780, French, silk.

1860s parasol. wow

Walking dress From 1885.

Doucet evening dress with lace Circa 1900

Striped lavender piña cloth and silk dress (back), by Depret, French, 1867-69.

Wild Orchid Silk and Lace Beaded Gatsby Gala Gown circa 1920s - Dorothea's Closet Vintage

1860s dress - would love to see this in color.

Ball Gown 1860, American, Made of silk and cotton

Dress (Ball Gown)

1865 Honiton lace & satin wedding dress, England

1865 Evening dress

1855-1862 American Silk Wedding Dress


1860 silk dress

~1860s dress~

Evening dress from c.1914 in pink silk and gold lace.

Midnight blue day dress, 1850s-1860s. Russian