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Republicans abandon 11th-hour Vikings stadium plan -Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers said Thursday that his fellow Republicans are dropping their plan for an alternative Vikings stadium finance bill and will vote on the stadium in the House on Monday.- by Tim Nelson, MPR 05/03/12 12:30 pm

Vikings stadium: So many ideas, so little time. -Days after its surprise defeat in a Minnesota House committee, more plans for a Vikings stadium finance package are emerging at the state Capitol. Most of the details aren't new, but the urgency is, with a warning from the NFL and the Legislative clock ticking down. -by Tim Nelson, MPR 04/19/12

Zellers suggests the House will vote on Vikings stadium plan.- In his strongest comments to date, Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers is suggesting the Minnesota House could vote on a Vikings stadium plan before the end of session. Zellers, who has been reluctant to commit to whether the House would vote on such a plan, now says there's a likelihood it can happen. - by Tom Scheck MPRNews - 04/13/12

Vikings stadium: Is the team's long wait nearing an end?- The Minnesota Vikings have stood on the goal line of a new stadium before. But each time, they were pushed back. As the 2012 legislative session enters its fourth quarter this week, could this be the team's year? A review of more than a decade of past stadium pushes suggest the NFL team faces a tough road. But there is also some hope in the history of stadiums in Minnesota. - by Doug Belden Pioneer Press 04/14/2012

A Vikings stadium "Plan B" moves forward. -There may not be an agreement this spring to build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, but legislators may be preparing a Plan B. A proposal to authorize electronic bingo and pull tabs, along with sports-themed tip boards, will go before the House Taxes Committee on Thursday night amid speculation that the money could be put into a reserve fund to begin preliminary design work on a stadium.-by: Mike Kaszuba, Star Tribune 04/18/12 2:36 pm

Vikings Stadium Update: Another House Committee Meeting Tonight. Oh, And Kurt Zellers Is Less Of A Tool Than He Used To Be. -The House Government and Operations Committee will hold a hearing on the Vikings stadium this evening at the Capitol, and by all accounts, this is the biggest hurdle a new Vikings stadium will face to date.-by Ted Glover, Daily Norseman 04/16/12

Vikings stadium: key lawmaker wants details, show of support from Minneapolis. PioneerPress -- 2/13/2012 6:00 pm An additional story today, that won't link for image reasons : Vikings Stadium Update: Team Can't Move So State Doesn't Care About New Venue. SBNationMinnesota 2/14/2012

Vikings stadium vote queued up in Minnesota House -With the House scheduled to begin debating the stadium Monday afternoon, Gov. Mark Dayton and other boosters were pressing for a big turnout by supporters on what they call "game day." The effort includes bringing Vikings players to a rally in the Rotunda. The House vote may not come until after midnight. A Senate vote would come next on a separate version of the bill. - AP KARE11 6:41 am