Tree House-Kiawah Island modern pool

The back yard pool, hot tub and waterfall.

Wouldn't this be heavenly. The mountain scenery, the bathroom with retracting windows to breathe in the air, and that tub big enough for two. Yummy!

Pool in the house!

Master Bathroom: Infinity tub by Kholer

Luxury Mansions⭐️ saw this on HGTV once and the inside of the house was crazy!! They were selling it for 11 million dollars. #ifonly #iwishihadmoneytospare


This might actually be off on the wooded side of my house, hidden from the front by a fence or thick shrubbery. The back should be much more elaborate, so this is more of a secluded soaking tub...probably accessed through some french doors on the first floor of my bedroom.

So much more serene than a climb in hot tub

Ultimate backyard treehouse

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Escadas originais

Coolest hot tub EVER!

As Dad says' "House, Deck, Hot Tub, Dock, Boat, Lake"

This tub looks so cool!

Don't just install any outdoor bathtub. Install THIS outdoor bathtub. | 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Roman inspired hot tub that connects to the master bedroom through a secret tunnel