Ricky Berens, Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps. God Bless America

(jake dalton,mens gymnastics,2012 olympics) HELLO

Swimming South African Olympic 2012 team

Phelps & Lochte - I really need to become a better swimmer...

lochte & phelps

ryan lochte

Magic Mike!

Patrick Dempsey is probably the classiest male actor i can think of. Started when he was young and has turned himself into a legend. I will swoon over you 'till the day I die..

God bless America.


And then God said: Let there be the Hemsworth brothers.

Ryan Lochte #olympics2012

ryan lochte

Nathan Adrian

ryan lochte

Nathan Adrian ♥

ryan lochte - :)))

Ryan Lochte

Swimmers are the best looking athletes.

Boys boys boys