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he is the epitmy of gorgeous

Joshua Anthony Brand- with his black hair, pale skin, and angular features, thought he would be a good casting for Adamus Sutekh if he had black eyes(and if they make a movie, obviously).


This is Joshua Anthony. He could play Pudge in Looking for Alaska or William Herondale. I wanted him to be Augustus Waters, but I still look forward to what he ends up acting in.

The world needs more thin boys with red hair,pale skin and delicate features. Definitely.

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(James Franco) I'm Rick and I'm 20 years old. My mate is Luca but feel free to come say hi. I promise not to bite...hard, unless you want me to. Oh and im a warrior

Just made my heart skip a beat (23 photos)

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El capitán Massimo Tizzi, protagonista de EN LA TOSCANA TE ESPERO, en el Top10 Novios Literarios

Man of Steel Henry Cavill. I find this man very attractive. Oh and the movie was good too

Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo #face

Joshua Anthony Brand - excellent pick for teenage love stories!<<<< I don't care what you say that is Percy Jackson