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    Horses are amazing in so many ways! They also give and help you! They give you friendship, a true friend, some one to guide you, and also to help you through life!

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    This buckskin Lusitano looks particularly dashing in his braids and Baker polo wraps. (Does anyone have a source for this image?)

    With nostrils flared in excitement & muscles glimmering in the sun, he has carried his cargo whether it be for fighting or for fun. Never has an animal ventured through history with such force. Never has there been an animal like the noble horse!

    Akhal-Teke horse in snow~ These horses look like they "Glow" and "Shimmer" in the sunlight. Their coats are different from other breeds of horses =)~

    IMG_9438 by amable, via Flickr

    The wild stallion Bugs walks slowly out of the dust stirred up by the other stallions in at the waterhole in the Sand Wash Basin Herd Area in Colorado.

    Ancient meets modern.... (Highland Warrior on a buckskin draft - gotta love those wild Scotsmen!)

    El Akhal Teke es un caballo muy ágil y con una resistencia digna de mención. En Turkmenistán se lo conoce por ser un animal feroz, impulsivo y muy veloz. Los caballos Akhal Teke han sido usados principalmente por motivos militares, aunque también se le ha visto en carreras de caballos. En la actualidad se utiliza principalmente en las modalidades de salto y doma clásica.

    Buckskin Dun quarter horse. Quarter Horse animal art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his animal art from only words at

    the akhal teke is native to the steppes region of asia. currently there is a program breeding american-bred akhal teke's with appaloosas to regain some of the original characteristics of the appaloosa.