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Patrick the wombassador is a whopping 29 years old, making him the oldest living wombat! (photo: Ballarat Wildlife Park)

Prize-winning: Rupert is a three-time cat of the year in Australia, and is said to be one of the biggest domestic cats in the world. (Now THAT'S a cat!) This pic reminds me of my much beloved Maine Coon cat who passed 5 yrs ago. He was my gentle giant & buddy.

australian wildlife pics | featherdale wildlife park is one of australia s pride of wildlife park ...

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Baby Wombat | Utterly adorable ... hold a baby wombat at Wildlife Wonderland in Bass ...

Wombats are something of a scourge in Australia, where they are best known for digging the foundations out from people's homes and destroying any car that hits them on that country's dark, lonely highways. Patrick, however, who hangs out at Ballarat Wildlife Park, won a lot of hearts on Reddit today as the oldest wombat living in captivity.

"A Koala Visitor!" On My Friend's: "Millie's" Country Lane in Stirling, South Australia.

Oldest wombat in captivity At nearly 28 years old, Patrick the wombat is believed to be the oldest of his kind in captivity. The old-timer lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Australia.

Highland cow in heather on Curbar Edge, Peak District National Park, Derbyshire.


Red-necked Wallaby Joey in Pouch, Bunya Mountain National Park, Australia

Red-Necked Wallaby Joey in Pouch ~ Bunya Mountain National Park, Australia


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Poodle MothThe Venezuelan poodle moth is a fuzzy little insect who was discovered in 2009 and still ... - Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo.

"What?! Is there something in my teeth?" This hungry chipmunk was photographed at Gebhard Woods State Park in Morris, IL. (photo: Peggy Hanna)