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How to build a PVC equalizer at home. Cheaper then the Lebert ones you can buy. Would like to try it :)

your girl does pilates. i do pull ups. get your crossfit on!!!!

Try this intense and effective 7-minute workout you can do anywhere, whether it's at home or at the park. Visit a Duane Reade near you for your post-workout h2o.

5 Workouts You Can Do In Just One Song

It's all about the butt! Here's how to make yours rounder, fuller, and stronger so you can rock the heck out of those new jeans. Booty Don't Quit Workout by Sara founder of Shefit high impact sports bra as seen on the "The Doctors" TV Show. No bounce no pain! Shop

When you don’t have time to get to the gym for your favorite strength class, this workout will definitely give you the challenge you are missing. This lower-body strength workout, for all fitness levels, is designed to build endurance, while strengthening and toning your entire lower-body. #lowerbody #workout #legworkout

Bodyweight Exercises Chart

At-Home Kettlebell Leg Workout | Lauren Gleisberg | Bloglovin'

This 20-minute workout from Pumps Iron requires no equipment. Set an interval timer for 30 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following sequence five times.

good toning exercise

A comprehensive home gym doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here are the affordable pieces of exercise equipment you need. | via @SparkPeople #fitness #workout #house #motivation

Chair workout

Get ready to learn the building blocks of any effective workout. No gym necessary.


Quick lower-body workout

Easy and quick morning workout. Good to do on those mornings you don't go to the gym