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    The rare fire rainbow was spotted at the River Spey in Moray, Scotland

    The circumhorizon arc or 'rainbow clouds. This amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon can be observed when the sun rises high in the sky. The rays of the sun when it passes through high-altitude clouds composed of ice crystals in the form of hexagons. The sunlight is refracted in these crystals in bizarre way, and as a result, we see “fire rainbow”. This phenomenon is not local, it can extend over several hundred square miles

    An extremely rare rainbow-colored pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia.

    Prayers and Miracles ~ It is good that you should know that prayers are heard and answered and that miracles are constantly taking place. It is true to say that the very existence God’s Children in...

    ✯ Fire Rainbow - If the sun is at an elevation of 58 degrees or higher and cirrus clouds containing plate-shaped ice crystals are present, you may be lucky enough to see the rare "fire rainbow," or circumhorizontal arc.

    ✯ Fire rainbow - a halo caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals in cirrus clouds

    Circumhorizontal arcs, caused by light passing through wispy, high-altitude cirrus clouds.

    Rainbow sun dog

    Lenticular Clouds - These aerial masterpieces only occur when air strategically flows over a mountain and into bigger, more dense clouds.

    "I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis 9: 13Even in the wake of destruction, God is still there!

    rainbow beach

    Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show Ken Rotberg spotted unusual phenomenon as sun dropped behind a storm cloud in the early evening Rare sight also known as a 'circumhorizon arc'

    Punch Hole Clouds may appear as a circular or oval holes in a layer of supercooled clouds. Sometimes they assume a form of a perfect circle and persist for quite a long time, drifting together with the cloud layer. One explanation seems to blame the air traffic (the jet contrail intersections) combined with a thermal inversion (a circular motion of a rising warm air). (Image credit Joel Knain)

    Ice Halo

    it's like the clouds.. how many shapes, animals, figures of all sorts can you see in this picture?

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    Storms can take different shapes. Always be on the lookout!

    Thunderstorm in Nebraska

    The Ice Crystal Rainbow