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    • Nancy Sproull

      FW: God's BEAUTIFUL creatures! -

    • Cot Cot Cot

      Lizard - Corucia Zebrata

    • Kathleen McBride

      Solomon Island Prehensile Tailed Skink is an arboreal species of skink endemic to the Solomon Islands. It is the largest known extant species of skink. Other common names for this species include the prehensile-tailed skink, monkey-tailed skink, giant skink, zebra skink, and monkey skink. It is completely herbivorous, eating many different fruits and vegetables including the pothos plant. It is one of the few species of reptile known to function within a social group or circulus.

    • Cindy

      FW: Photographers Dream Pictures-wonderful animal pictures - - Gmail

    • Grump E. Bluebird

      Corucia zebrata - Solomon Island Prehensile Tailed Skink (Monkey Tail Skink)

    • Jessica Jordan

      Fwd: Wow animal photos (some old, but most new) - - Gmail

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    swimming snake

    Red Eft

    Chameleon by Arturas Kerdokas

    Strawberry poison-dart frog

    Tiger's Treefrog on a Bromeliad (Hyloscirtus tigrinus), Pasto, Depart. Narino, Colombia

    Hypsiboas picturatus

    green tree python.

    Paradise Flying Snake. This snake glides by stretching the body into a flattened strip using its ribs. It can cover a horizontal distance of about 100 m in a glide from the top of a tree. Slow motion photography shows an undulation of the snake's body in flight while the head remains relatively stable, suggesting controlled flight.

    Close-up of Wallace's Flying Frog

    Peacock Tree Frog by Sera.D.

    ✿ Ranitomeya summersi and Ranitomeya imitator, Summers' and Mimic Poison Frogs in habitat displaying mimicry. Departmento San Martin, Peru ~ By Brad Wilson ✿

    ✿ Excidobates (Dendrobates) mysteriosus (captive), Maranon poison frog, IUCN Redlist: Endangered ~ By Brad Wilson ✿

    Prince Charles of Wales is a frog (Hyloscirtus princecharlesi) This new species of frog has just received its scientific name of Prince Charles, heir to the British throne for his work in the conservation of tropical forests...

    Oophaga pumilio, or "strawberry poison-dart frog", Bastimentos morph

    Clown Tree frog

    Poison dart frog (Dendrobates aratus)

    ~~ Peek-A-Boo ~~

    Sri Lankan Green Garden Lizard (Calotes calotes) by reptile street photographer

    Bunglon by 3 Joko, via 500px.

    Portrait of a Komodo dragon

    Paradise Flying Snake with intricate scale patterns

    Asian Vine Snake

    Vine Snake

    Now this is one of those shots you rarely get to see. A poisonous snake spits out some venom!

    Timber Rattlesnake, showing how patterns help conceal predators and prey. From "Outdoor Alabama"