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1899 Columbia Electric Coach. This looks like one of the many New York City taxicabs at the turn of the last century. Columbia Electrics were made from 1899-1910 in Hartford, Connecticut.

1915 Detroit Electric... electrics have been around for ages....

1903 Oldsmobile - (Oldsmobile Motors division of General Motors Corp, Lansing, Michigan 1897- 2004)

Krieger electric car, 1904, Science Museum collection. ...And they make it sound like electric cars are new. LOL

1900 wood electric truck

1914 Detroit Electric - Mrs. Henry Ford The Detroit Electric was marketed mainly to urban women who likes it because it was easier to start, quiter, and cleaner than gasoline of steam-powered cars. The Detroit Electric was so universally considered "a woman's car" that Henry Ford purchased this one for his wife.

1910 Detroit Electric Car - by archer10 (Dennis), via Flickr

1905 Tribelhorn Electric Brougham

1913 Waverley Electric Model 93 And we thought electric cars were new . . .