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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2011

The funniest memes of 2011 are more than pictures on an internet page; they're funny memes that have become pervasive in pop culture. A lot happened on the internet in 2011. Memes ruled the internet more than ever, and even started to crossover into the mainstream media. Rebecca Black became a supe....
  • Isabel Alvarez

    Science cat! chemistry joke

  • Xtina Xtina

    Nerd jokes! Dude, yo mama just got owned with a science joke. TAKE THAT! UH! Yeah! ... science..... chemistry cat and stuff

  • Heather Rogers

    Say what you want, I love the Chemistry Cat :) #nerdjokes

  • Linda Banks

    This is not exactly cool science, but it is a funny joke about science :) | See more about chemistry cat, chemistry jokes and chemistry humor.

  • Kayla Meeko

    so smooth. #chemistry #pickuplines #sciencecat

  • Garry Jenkin

    Finding a lot of good ones that make me think of you today, @Christina Childress Childress Childress Childress Childress Wittwer. I know you're not a chemistry person but I figured you'd still appreciate a science joke. :) #chemistrycat

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Lol I actually had to read this twice, I know jack about chemistry.

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