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  • Kimberly Bernier

    cleaning tip: Nail polish OUT OF CARPET!! it totally worked!!! I might need this someday

  • Megan Ackermann

    Remove Nail Polish Out of Carpet- I'm sure I'll be glad I pinned this one day...

  • Eunice Rios~Santana

    moddy bee: nail polish in my carpet...GONE!! Tried it on same color carpet w dark blue nail polish...came off! SHAVING CREAM, nail polish remover, scrub, repeat...

  • Hannah Grenade

    Barbasol shaving cream and acetone to get nail polish out of carpet

  • Jennifer Jordan

    How to get nail polish out of the carpet...if you have kids it is bound to happen someday! Wish I had this a couple months ago when wes got blue nailpolish all over the carpet!

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