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  • Saxon Knight

    If your life seems empty and joyless are you prepared to change? Are you prepared to fight for your life and allow your passion to rise? The Seraphim Angels

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When you realize that your power is in the present you will not need a barrier to test yourself against or to focus you in the proper direction you think you should go. Seraphim Angels with Saxon. www.listenbeloved...

When you can give yourself to Divine Love completely, there can be no other surrender. www.listenbeloved...

Listen to the guidance you are given through your connection to Divine Grace and take action. Allow Divine Grace to restore, renew and reunite you to the wonder of you. www.listenbeloved...

You search for what you want and need through others, but cannot find it. Beloved it is not because it is not there; it is because you already have what you are seeking. Others cannot give you what you already have. www.Listenbeloved...

There is no limit to what can be achieved when you let love lead the way http//

With gratitude in your life your cells and body sing with pure delight and ecstasy. You feel it with every part of you. In loving devotion the Seraphim Angels. www.listenbeloved...

It is said that a journey to enlightenment is about awakening, however somewhere along the journey you realize it is about remembering .

Look for you opportunity to embrace change in each moment - The Seraphim Angels www.listenbeloved...

How is your life to change if you always think in the same way? If you do not create change you will always wonder what life would be like. www.listenbeloved...

Your life will always contain moments of distress as well as triumph, this is the way you express yourself in your world. http:/

Good fortune is not about bad or uninformed decisions, it is a state of being, it is a choice.The Seraphim Angels -

Every day you meet challenge after challenge, each one an opportunity to change from the limited view of yourself, to the expanse of Divine love.

Embrace change, for within it you will find your journey forward and instead of trembling at the thought of the great beyond, you will be caught by the awaiting arms of Divine love. The Seraphim Angels with Saxon

Your journey through life is one of mystical encounters, seeking for each new piece of puzzle that will open each new doorway, the gateway to your next experience ~The Seraphim Angels

So why not extend love instead of anger, give laughter instead of tears and instead of deep sorrow exchange it for joy.

When you can know and understand your life from the perspective of opportunity and possibility if only in a small way, you will have glimpses of your magnificence.

Become a treasure, a gem in your world that others reach out for.

You experience who you are through your physical presence and the moments of challenge and chaos as well and success and happiness -

When you visit with Divine love and allow it into your life you become alive with power, abilities and strength - with love the Seraphim Angels http:/

When you can accept yourself for everything you are, you can then accept others also - with love the Seraphim Angels

The essential part of your awakening is when you come from a fledging needing the support, nurturing and wisdom of others, to a graceful soaring bird providing for yourself all you need.

Calm your mind; allow it to wander in a dreamlike state. It is from this relaxed position you enter the space of love - with love the Seraphim Angels

Yours is a specific journey to be completed, a contract, a new and exciting mission, designed and created just for you, with your full permission and understanding. with love the Seraphim Angels

Even if life deals you yet another blow, you can access your inner strength to find the way forward and the realizations within it.