shower | built in nook

master bathrooms should have open showers because shower curtians are unsanitary and glass doors are hard to keep clean, I like this but I would want it a little bit bigger and built in seat and shelves



built in shelf for all shower products

Walk in shower.

Shower floors that are disabled friendly

built in cabinet in between studs in bathroom

Walk-In Showers for Small Bathrooms

Steam Showers

Marble shower

Shower Heaven

like small seat, built in shelf. Would like shelf to be full length of shower

love this shower. Rain and hand held shower heads. Built in shelves and seat. Love the large tiles with mosiac glass tiles

"We built the low wall against the back wall of the tub as a place to store shampoo, soap, etc. without resorting to one of those over the shower caddies. Best of all, everything is within an easy arm’s reach whether you’re taking a shower or bath." good idea.

Small tiles on shower floor and walls of shower...and floor makes the space feel open.