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  • steph

    safety first.

  • Corey Partin

    Why girls go to the bathroom together... #harrypotter

  • M M

    I'm probably too old to find the funny, but I don't care. I laughed out loud and almost spilled my wine. :)

  • Kaydi Lou Bangerter

    Katie Bell went by herself and got hexed! OH! And Moaning Myrtle went by herself and DIED! okay not a big fan but this is sooo funny!

  • Martha Medellin

    Why girls go to the bathroom together-solved Harry Potter style

  • Khristylynn Kitson

    This is why girls go to the bathroom together- ahahaha so true!

  • Cassie Krege

    Why girls go to the bathroom together true story

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Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.