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    Vintage Thermos

    Com tanto Mickey por aí ela corre atrás do Pateta. | Mickey and Minnie

    panier à salade

    Hanna-Barbera 1981 Studio Calendar



    Groovy - Motorola Portable Radio Portfolio 1958


    Vintage telephone, from the 50s

    Portable record player. It played two sizes with the help of a little plastic contraption. Spent my entire childhood in front of one of these!

    So hard to cut with!

    "Chatter Telephone" pull toy from Fisher-Price

    Nancy... comics...

    Remember These?.

    Chip n Dale

    Loved this show!

    Tin Tops

    At one time, the cure for every cut... Mercurochrome was banned by the US FDA in 1998 due to its high mercury content. The label on this bottle contains instructions on how to remove the bright red stains that Mercurochrome would leave on the skin. Huh! Found some oft this in mama's medicine cabinet in 2008. LL

    Lassie was a must-see every Saturday in the 1960's. "Lassie, come home!!!"