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  • Carly Stewart

    27 days and i fell in love. south africa is amazing

  • Jordyn Jones

    The real Africa is the one they never show you. The real Africa is hidden beneath the veneer of poverty and hunger and death; a cancerous mass on the face of the earth that the rest of the world term homogenous "Africa". The real Africa is submerged underneath corruption and greed, underneath tyranny and an ostentatious elite, underneath the faces of the people they cannot feed. The real Africa is buried beneath shanty towns rife with dirt and disease, where children are forced to grow up much too quickly to survive. The real Africa is concealed under a no-man's land of desert, bare and dry and unable to sustain green and healthy life. NO, that's not the real Africa. The Africa I know. The Africa that is reflected in the warm sunshine that you can feel burning inside you. The Africa that shines from warm, spontaneous smile. The Africa that is at the heart of different people, languages, cultures and identities who all call this land their HOME. My Africa is where my heart resides even when I am long gone and far away, where my mind drifts to across the distance of a never-ending ocean. The real Africa can be smelt the minute you step off a plane onto African soil and feel the air calling you, beckoning you HOME. The real Africa is the chaos and the calm that exist side by side as honking cars zoom past on streets that run parallel to cows grazing peacefully in a field. This is the real Africa, the one they never know. This is the place I call HOME.

  • Hannah Marie

    The Real Africa. So beautiful.

  • AlmanaraLuxuryVillas

    Such so beautiful words and such an amazing concept #realafrica

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