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PH Acid Alkaline Chart - PH: Acid vs. Alkaline: What’s the Big Deal? ::: Acidity and alkalinity is measured on the pH scale, which ranges from 1 to 14. Our blood is very tightly maintained at a pH between 7.35 and 7.45, slightly alkaline. Very small fluctuations can occur, but if the blood moves out of this range in either direction very serious health problems occur. The ONLY foods that create alkalinity in the body are vegetables and fruits. ALL other foods create acidity on some level.

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How do you know if your body is taking out the trash? Find out with these 17 signs and symptoms, and see if liver detox and cleanse products are necessary!

Easy Homesteading: Alkaline Foods Vs Acidic Foods

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Alkaline Food Chart from The Alkaline Sisters

Eat alkaline diet - balance ph in body - washes the cancer fungus away!

WHY EAT ALKALINE? | Vegie Girl. Really good charts on what foods to eat, what to avoid.

Normal Blood Pressure Chart Information is power! #bloodpressure #healthq

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zero calorie foods - foods that the body uses more calories to extract the energy from it versus the calorie count it actually has! Interesting...gotta add more of these in my diet.

I laugh at the fact that there has to be a chart for "real food" but the sad reality is most people still think "real" can come in a box. Sigh...

Vitamin Deficiency I has revealed that low levels of vitamin D are considerably more common in obese children and are connected to type 2 diabetes risk factors. Read the full article here: Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Type 2 Diabetes Risk #health tips #health guide #health care #organic health|

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10 daily must have nutrients!

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