Llywarch: No Vietnamese Ever Called Me......

Hmmmmm....a quote from Muhammad Ali during the Vietnam war but it still holds true all these years later. War, racism, sexism...where does it take us?

African Moors ... one of many contributions to modern history!

Former Green Beret Melvin Morris of Port St. John, FL will receive the Medal of Honor -- four decades late -- for actions in Vietnam in 1969. Morris found his niche in the military. By 1961, he was one of the first soldiers donning the "green beret" of the U.S. Army Special Forces. Read his story herehttp://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/2014/03/18/florida-vietnam-veteran-receives-medal-of-honor/6563865/

A dated close call

Vietnam War Protest

Vietnam War era Zippo

African American Civil War Soldiers

Black soldiers fighting a war in Vietnam for others to obtain freedom. Ironic because it was concurrent with the Civil Rights movement in which others were fighting to obtain basic human and civil rights for African Americans in the U.S. "Land of the Free"

Actress Jane Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun during her 1972 visit to the country, as a protest against the Vietnam War.

American POW during the Vietnam War

Vietnam War

In the last decades of the 19th century, the lynching of Black people in the South became an institutionalized method used by whites to terrorize Blacks and maintain white supremacy. From 1880 to 1940,there was deep-seated & all-pervading hatred & fear of the Negro which led white mobs to turn to “lynch law” as a means of social control. Lynchings—open public murders of individuals suspected of crime conceived & carried out spontaneously by a mob seem to have been an American invention.


Medic James E. Callahan of Pittsfield, Mass., gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a dying soldier in war zone D, about 50 miles northeast of Saigon, June 17, 1967. Thirty-one men of the 1st Infantry Division were reported killed in the guerrilla ambush, with more than 100 wounded. (AP Photo/Henri Huet)

6 year old Ruby Bridges was the first black child in the south to attend a white school after the forced integration following the landmark ruling of Brown Vs. The Board of Education. A willing participant in her mother's decision that she would go and endure what was to be sure a very tough road in the name of helping forge the path of the civil rights movement, Ruby faced death threats and intense bullying with courage and grace.


Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam war


Martin Luther King Jr and his wife Coretta leading a Peace March in Georgia