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Nose to nose: A marmot greets eight-year-old Matteo on the slopes of the Austrian Alps


taking little steps...


she's cool!!!!

In 1983 Tippi Hendren established the Shambala Preserve in California’s Mojave Desert, a wildlife sanctuary for lions and tigers. This lions name is Togar. He was brought to the sanctuary but had never been around any other lions. He had to live with humans or be put down. His teeth were pulled before he was brought to the sanctuary. The girl in bed with the lion is Melanie Griffith. This family took him in and loved him and he never hurt anyone. -this is my goal in life! No way I want a tiger

cleaning lady bunny girls


Free diving with dolphins. The only acceptable way to hang out with these guys!

childish fro

Catch me. Circus performers, 1907

Pitt by Kander




Charlie Chaplin silent film inspired engagement shot

forever love


i do alot of girl power pins but now it time for something for the guys: how come when a man does boxing or other spoerts he's seen as strong and powerful but if he chooses dance he's weak, fluffy and in an attempt to mock him persons will make comments about his sexuality or gender stereotyped comments (ie: 'dancing is for girls') ? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! for all my male dancers out there keep your head up and keep dancing. (p.s. i love watching men do ballet and other types of dances! i think it's Sexy!)




No way!