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From the depths of the murky abyss, the water lilies always manage to find the light and grow talll and beautifully.

Water Lilies, Okavango Delta, Boyswana: Water lilies are among on of the oldest families of flowering plants living today.

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Instead of the hard and sharp edges in natural form, there are also softness, I think using very fine lines and curve lines would be a good way to show its texture in my drawings.

for every song I have ever written, it has either rained the day I wrote it, the day before I wrote it, or the day after I wrote it. Hundreds of songs, but every single one started because of a change in the atmosphere...(these words are beautiful, had to leave them in this description, they are not mine)

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Tadpoles swimming through forest of water lilies. Photo by Eiko Jones, published by National Geographic.