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DIY Lavender Soap Bars: how lovely! Before you scroll away, you need to know how amazingly easy this "recipe" is! Michael's carries the soap base and the molds. The rest is a snap: melt, add the goodies and mold.

Cold Process Soap: Step By Step Tutorial ... www.soapdelinews.com

Cold Process Soap

Homemade soap recipes and how to make soap. Cold process homemade soap recipes, melt and pour homemade soap recipes and easy handmilled homemade soap recipes for every occasion and skin type.

DIY: Oatmeal Soap · Bath and Body | CraftGossip.com

Oatmeal is a pretty affordable staple and it’s a great ingredient to use when hand-crafting soap. Check out this recipe & instructions for Oatmeal Soap posted on Green Life.

DIY soap using coconut milk!  This would make excellent Xmas presents.

Make your own soap using natural oils and coconut milk. 12 ounces partially-frozen coconut or goat’s milk (freeze half ahead of time in ice cube tray) 4 ounces lye 12 ounces olive oil 12 ounces coconut oil 8 ounces palm oil oz. essential oil of choice

Handmade Unicorn Poop! Smell the fecal rainbow!

Unicorn Poop! Smell the fecal rainbow

Unicorn Poop (soap): handmade soap that looks like rainbows and smells like heaven. came out of a unicorn's hindside.

This particular organic soap recipe simply leaves you feeling fresh and will revive your senses. Additionally, it features antiseptic as well as deodorizing benefits, and the mustard seeds help exfoliate and smooth rough edges.

Natural Organic Soap Recipes: mustard seed an seaweed (with essential oils)

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Recipes for a variety of homemade soaps including almond cherry, fig and oatmeal, and more.

Gluesticks: Homemade Poppy Seed Soap Recipes

Homemade Fresh Almond Poppy Seed Soap & Fresh Lemon Poppy Seed Soap I think I need to have a soap/ lotion bar making party.