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The Cure Is In The Cupboard

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Dandelion - thought by many to be a garden weed, dandelion is edible, nutritious and has been found to have several therapeutic actions in lab tests.

☛ Homemade Ginger Ale : Ingredients A 1-2 inch piece of fresh ginger root, minced. Adjust this to taste. ½ cup of organic sugar or rapadura sugar. if using plain sugar, add 1 tablespoon molasses for flavor and minerals. ½ cup fresh lemon or lime juice ½ tsp sea salt or himalayan salt 8 cups of filtered (chlorine free) water (Here is the water filter we use) ½ cup homemade ginger bug (or can use ¼ cup whey for a faster recipe though the flavor won’t be quite as good. Here is a tutorial for…

How To Make Medicinal Pickled Garlic - This pickled garlic is a powerful healing medicine that doesn’t possess the harsh taste you’d get with biting into raw garlic. It treats colds and flu, soothes sore throats and improves sluggish digestion.

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks

Homemade Vicks Shower Disks. Pop one in your shower for a slow menthol release that helps stuffy noses and heads.

107 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

This is the holy grail for coconut oil uses! What a great list. A must read for anyone interested in living healthy and DIY. #coconutoil