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LS056 - Super Stitch Keychain

Item Code #LS056 - Super Stitch Keychain Price : S$6.00 / Status : Available Description : Original Sega Disney Figurine. Super Stitch with Polka Dot Bra on his head (LOL) and Red Cape. Height appr...

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I remember getting his signature a while back, and before he finished he licked it. XD IT WAS AWESOME

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My child and Lilo had a lot in glad those days are behind

"Ukulele Solo" by Michelle St. Laurent - Limited Edition of 95 on Hand-Textured Canvas, 24x18.

And act like an actual human being. And not marry a guy just because he's a prince or literally 5 seconds after you've met him, but actually have a semi-realistic boyfriend.

Stitch and frog by Sasha Vinogradova, via Behance. Of all the Disney movies I get most emotial watching Lelo and Stitch. His loneliness strikes deep.

"I'm the king of the world!" ~Jack; Titanic. "I got you Rose! I'll never let you go." This, is killing me!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥