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I run because it's good for me. Also, because I like to eat. And drink. A lot.Intervention ideas: Move around kids for intervention groups based on report card data. ELLs are having trouble understanding what is going on in the word problem.

OMG, I did this the first time I ran on the treadmill at the gym...what works in the real world does NOT necessarily work on a machine, lol.

1...2... am i skinny yet?! ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I go like " Heeeyy EVERYONE! I went to the gym today!!!" (after 2 years, and spent 20 minutes... mainly chatting to the receptionist)

If I had a dollar for every mosquito bite I've gotten in my life...

I hate that moment when you're tired and sleepy but as soon as you go to bed, your body is like, "Just Kidding."

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"Everybody getting engaged, married or having babies...I'm just over here trying to get some abs & a booty."