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This sends a great message about how ridiculous things have gotten.

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L’amore raccontato in 60 secondi, il video che ha conquistato il web

BBDO Brazil and director Cisma just released this fantastically clever stop motion video that tells the story of life “from love to bingo” for client Getty Images

Who run the world ? Qui mène le monde ?

13 simple steps to get a feminist through a rough day

Ah, good ol' Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton :) Well we seen how well that worked out in Benghazi.

Easy Summer Craft Ideas for Teenagers

Easy Summer Craft Ideas for Teenagers

Summer vacation is almost upon us, and I've collected a bunch of great summer craft ideas for teenagers to fill up some of that free time. Whether it's fashionable beach accessories, recycled windchimes, or organic bug repellent, there are crafts.

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I saw a guy today on Starbucks. He had no phone, tablet or laptop. He just sat there drinking his coffee. Like a sociopath.


Walk for Choice: Our Favorite Rally Signs



Why the penny is no longer worth even the time it takes to say 'penny'.

Useless Coins 101: If You Can't Buy Anything With It, It's Useless.

I couldn't resist! It's just too funny!

I am this parent-I will remember this when my boys become teenagers!

Ricky's "mong" face.

Ricky's "mong" face.

If you're gonna get advice on the subject may as well go to the expert

How to successfully travel through puberty - Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) Yeah, I'd read that. He is definitely an expert.