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Galveston TX Gothic - Victorian house. The 21-room mansion features 32 stained-glass windows, four fireplaces and a widow's walk; inside, it's full of opulent Victorian features, including a grand paneled staircase, ceiling reliefs and elaborate chandeliers. Yes, Please :)

Grand Beach, Michigan

Grand Staircase, Bishop’s Palace, Galveston, Texas The grand staircase in the Bishop’s Palace, Galveston, TX, shows the extraordinary wood workmanship (and dark wood) and exquisite stained glass of rich Victorian homes. A fireplace in the entry is luxury itself. Photo by victoria.

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Victorian house with grand porch and amazing towers.

Loving the random porches!


Victorian - Carson Mansion in Eureka CA--"considered the most grand Victorian home in America." William Carson (July 15, 1825 – February 20, 1912), for whom the mansion was built, arrived in San Francisco from New Brunswick, Canada in 1849. He was one of Northern California's first major lumber barons.

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i'll take it

Victorian House

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Grand Home



Great architecture. Beautiful view. Even more beautiful inside...check it out.

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looks like a chateau <3

Victorian Furniture

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