Candy poster for my senior home room students. Happy first day of school!!! Thanks Pinterest :)

What to keep in your locker at school! :)

Rolo Pencils. These are too cute!

Great for first intro working in groups---Setting Expectations for Group Work

I love this idea! What a fun way to encourage a kid in a language they understand- CANDY! :)

Toss ‘n Talk Ball

End of the year gift for students

First Day of school

first day of school- 2nd grade

ready or not...

first day of school

Back to school treat

Back to school night.... this whole blog is ridiculously awesome.

Icebreakers: Everyone scoops a small dixie cup full of m’s. One at a time picked out a single m, and shared a thought that correlated with the color of the candy and the chart Like the idea but change the categories

Perfect activity for the last day before Christmas break! Have students acknowledge one of their accomplishments from the current year and a goal for the following year!

poster with some words replaced with real candy bars as a thank you for a teacher, or anyone really, just re-word it. I love this!

Sometimes High School classes can be mundane and boring. However, if you play these games in class either at the start of class as a warm up or at the end of class as a reward, it will sure motivate your students one way or another. Here is a list of the best games to play in a high school classroom. - See more at:

First day of school-- love this.

WORDS WITH CANDY BARS-16th Birthday Card - Female

Great idea...

"Would You Rather..." Questions | Fun Get-To-Know-You idea for the first day of school! I did a force choice question 8 times - and then had the students predict how many different variations there could be. (2^8) We then discussed what this could represent... coin tosses, true/false tests. Great way to have fun and do math on the first day!