cuddle time!

first meow

sweet face!

<3 kitten

The Ultimate Cuddle

I love it when Mommy cuddles me to sleep.

sweet face

Peek a boo, I see you <3 lol.........this is Daisy.....the cutest kitten in the world! ...legit, i kid you not.

Cat lady love.

why I love cats


In love with this kitty!


(via ~ in a perfect world … ~)

look at those ears kittah

I don't know if i should call this pic 'Oh, how sweet,' or 'Oh, how sad ,' or just 'do you think this cat has practiced the pathetic look to get something it wants?'

"..I'm tellin' you guys.. she had a WHOLE, brand-new bag of those really, REALLY, good treats.. whaat? ..the milk ones..don' innerrup' me.. I'm sayin' .. she went in that door, right over there... here she comes again!"

Grey Kitten