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ay-r: Cat as living art - white on white. It is wonderful to have a designer cat that goes with your house! All of my cats have, amazingly enough, fit in with the decor of our house. I call them designer cats. This one truly is a designer kitty! white/creme/beige posts

" I'll be deh one who breaks deh way and seez wut dis 'outside' iz all about." KITTEN IN BACKGROUND: " So wut do ya seez? " FIRST KITTEN: " A LOT of green.": Animals, Adorable Kittens, White, Chat, Kittens Cats, Feline,

@1000heads The cutest thing we've seen all day. Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty, Purr, purr, pur-r-r.

Poppyleaf ( she cat) ( open)mom is soulpelt and dad is talonstar. . Her guardian angel is nightcloud. | DSC_0076 | To learn more about our kittens, please visit The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. (see profile for blog address)