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One cat to rule them all…

Cat Etiquette... Also known as the absolute truth!!

True, except the pillows would be the cats also, cause no one can possibly sleep with out the cat laying on your face

Cats are just as affectionate as dogs, humans just misunderstand their subtle communications

Dirty Kisses by aprintaday, via Flickr

Fun infographic about kitties on the internet. With a free discount deal for cat lovers! Cats on the web. This is why they say the Internet is made of cats! Way more cat photos and videos than dog photos and videos! Make sure your cat photos/videos are protected with SurDoc!

Cats are always there for you...always

Black Cats Rule do not believe or perpetrate the myths associated with black cats. they are misunderstood and therefore; targets for violence&animal cruelty. STOP associating them with Halloween and witches!

He found a spot...for his paw.