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gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! here is another one! why are you doing this to me Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Excuse me? This cat COMES like this?! I LOVE him! My cat looks just like him except he's all black...but THIS one is so extremely beautiful? Is he a Maine Coon?

Seems this is a mutation of a black/red tortie with the red mutated to white (need to google more info). AMAZINGLY WOW!

Norwegian Forest Cats, They are called Fairy Cats in Norway because they are so pretty and run down trees headfirst, I can vouch for this as my brother has one only half Norwegian Forest Cat and half Somali but he looks most at home right at the top of the tallest tree especially in snow!.

Chocolate cats are uncommon, because the gene that is associated with their lush mahogany coats is seen only in a small, select gene pool. All chocolate cats are descended directly from a single individual, a Havana Brown cat. The Havana Brown breed was created by crossing a black, blue, and color-point cats. Because of their specific and verifiable ancestry, chocolate cats of all shapes and sizes hold their personalities in common. They are intelligent, very friendly, and quite playful.

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.Norwegian forest cat