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Norwegian Forest Cat

Maine Coon-Such a face!

Excuse me? This cat COMES like this?! I LOVE him! My cat looks just like him except he's all black...but THIS one is so extremely beautiful? Is he a Maine Coon?

Black Maine Coon cat

Norwegian Forest Cat ♦ Beautiful!

Maine Coon WORLD CHAMPION Tahoe's Grizzly. Black Tabby Mackerel 02/05/2007

Seems this is a mutation of a black/red tortie with the red mutated to white (need to google more info). AMAZINGLY WOW!

Maine Coon Cat

black smoke, persian cat

Amazing cats breeds - Abyssinian From kittybloger via Linda Rommelaere

Maine Coon cat

beautiful cat!!

Pretty Black & White Kitten

**Maine Coon cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

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