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  • Firefly Recovery

    "I am a #crossfit woman. I am invincible and you could be too." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote

  • JD Vaughn

    Crossfit Woman's Creed - very motivating!

  • debera delgadillo

    CrossFit Womans Creed. And, like most women doing CrossFit, I have some mods: Yes, I wear makeup. Yes, I get manicures. Yes, I smile while I workout. I often even laugh. Elite fitness is my goal. I am invincible! #get-movin

  • Elizabeth Vasquez

    Cross Fit Creed if I could only be so motivated

  • Dani Zawila

    I love this. #crossfitwoman

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Pull ups might seem impossible when you start out. Just keep showing up, and before you know it, you'll be stringing butterflies. #CrossFit #KippingItReal

Ooookkkk wait a minute, is he throwing a medicine ball up over his head?! Ya no thanks I like my nose the way it is thanks. Yikes.

Holy insanity.. This chick is crazy. I wish I could do just a straight up pistol. #crossfit #whatiwanttobe

Why women should CrossFit. Yes Crossfit can be masochistic, but the principles behind it are solid and produce great results. I highly recommend trying it and if you dont want to do it long term, take what you learn and use it to create a real workout. Find more like this at

One of my first goals in crossfit to be able to do and after all the strength training I have been doing I can now do them!

CrossFit Part TWO {At Home Workouts Anyone Can Do}. Crossfit is the most awesome workout!

Someday, I will be able to wear those nike pro shorts and that sports bra all by itself.

If Crossfit can make your arms and shoulders look like that, maybe I should give it a try.