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Ameteur Photo­grapher Bertrand Kulik shot a spectacular photo of lightning striking behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris in July 2008.

This inspires me because of the way the light comes through the glass and the silhouettes of the birds.

Blogging on The Brightsidefrom Blogging on The Brightside

“Despite all the things we all experience, like heartbreak and pain, it takes being able to get through it to realize the beauty of life. All the negative makes you realize the things that matter. It puts the petty things in perspective.”

This is a great landscape photo, it is a shallow depth of field and the landscape is upside down, which is called image refraction. #landscape #reflection #photography #depthoffield #shallow #water #sky #wineglass #horizon #sunset #clouds

Le Tour Eiffel: Blossom And Towers: Paris I REALLY would love to see the Eiffel Tower before I die :) I may be old and gray before it happens, but I just hope it does!

Abduzeedo Design Inspirationfrom Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Daily Inspiration #1157

Writing Prompt: Who we are may not be how others actually see us. What's one aspect of yourself that you think people probably misunderstand about you? Write a descriptive paragraph to show how you are different from the reflection others actually see.