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  • C h e l s e a ♡

    go on ɑ no-budget shopping spree. #bucketlist

  • Pam Messmore

    Shopping Spree mall of america please

  • Rachel P

    Inspiring picture before i die, blog, bucket list, love, mall.

  • LOU

    Before I die - Go on a no limit shopping spree - would take my 2 favorite people 2 (kate and amy)

  • Rachel Smith

    No-Budget shopping spree = every girl's dream

  • R a q u e l

    every girls dream come true

  • Catherine Ooi

    one day of unlimited credit card swiping, ending up in a luxury hotel, a massage and a bottle of champagne.

  • Kelly Delaney

    The bucket list | Before i die | YES PLEASE!

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Before I die... yep sounds funn

Bucket List except the first one:/ haha cant even draw stick figures!!

Sail the South Pacific following in the wake of my Great-Uncle Bill Weld and his boat, Pagan.

The kiss underwater one just makes me think of the Let's Get Lost Music Video by G- Eazy haha AND I REALLY WANT TO BE AN AUNT, I REALLY WANT MY BRO TO HAVE KIDS, (he's 28 almost 29).

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I already have the iPhone part and dance in the rain and go to California and shop in NY and go to Hawaii

Hmmm that sounds NICE, but the people in 2nd are more often than a whole lot nicer!

Before I Die...! Oh Yah.. and more than once... And more than 1 best friend! hahaha! I have like 7!