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  • Sue Chomycz

    Harpy Eagles - Predators Of The Rainforest - It's natural that Americans tend to picture eagles only as bald eagles, the majestic symbol of our country. We forget that are other kinds of eagles, and not all of them look as regal (or as friendly) as the baldies. Especially the harpy eagle.

  • Susan Unmacht

    The Plumed Conch: Aztec Harpy Eagle - Harpia Harpyja

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These magnificent birds, harpy eagles, can reach up to 42" tall.

Harpy Eagle ~ notably the largest eagle worldwide. The leaf is a natural insecticide to ward off flies from the nest.

Harpy Eagle.< that is what someone put as this caption. Mine is holy crap that's the phoenix off of Harry Potter !!! ~Laura~

tThis bird is awesome. It's a Harpy Eagle and it looks like a Snowy Owl and Seagull collided. (The related article is full of strange creatures and useless knowledge. Highly recommended)

Eagle Owl taking off--I got the chance to see one of these beauties from about 3 feet away last week in Cave Creek, AZ at "Wild at Heart" bird sanctuary.

~~Eurasian Eagle Owl (bubo bubo)

Eagle owl-what a great pic! The Eagle Owl is a very large and powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle but larger than the Snowy Owl. It is sometimes referred to as the world's largest owl, although Blakiston's Fish Owl is slightly heavier on average and the Great Grey Owl is slightly longer on average.

Juvenile Barred Eagle Owl by M.Louise: Resident of lowland forests of the South Pacific.