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Keema Biryani. Yum! Combines two of the husband's favorite dishes. May have to use this to tweak my existing Keema recipe...

Macaroni Tuna Salad 1(16 oz)pack elbow macaroni 2(6 oz)can whitetuna,drain 2 stalk celery,mince 1onion,mince 2C mayonnaise 1(5 oz)jar pimento-stuff gr olive,drain pint grape tomato S&P opt blk olives Bring salt water to boil over high heat-Cook pasta uncovered,stir occasionally,til pasta has cooked but is still firm, 8 min.Drain well in colander-put in bowl-cool in fridge , toss tuna w celery,onion,& 1C mayo to mix-stir in rest of mayo,macaroni,olive,grape tomato-S&P.Chill 1hr

: : : Cheese Lover's Tuna Casserole : : : Doubled, it takes about 30 min to cook. Uses 2 bags of croutons.