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Flower Rear Gear butt covers for your dog or cat. $5.00, via Etsy.

Dubai... Where Tigers Are Dogs Why do I want to go there?? I HATE cats!!

bahahaha bad wedding photos!! Do not replicate, Ber!!

Lol I read the "no they don't, no they don't "in my talking to the dog voice xD

haha.....but seriously girls, whats up with the brown tans?

another WTF!

Chewbacca the dog


Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

this is my house every damn day

Grumpy Cat Birthday Quotes | animalgals

i laughed at every one

Some dogs are easily entertained More amazing and funny stuff at http://funiest-stuff.com/funny-dog-pictures/

Angry Uterus microwaveable heating pad, by LadyBitsDesign on etsy.

This would be my cats.


Candy Crush Rehab

Cat Found Poster

Awards I could actually win: constantly overwhelmed, really likes cats, ate a lot of pasta, got this far without killing anyone, puns puns puns, is funny sometimes maybe. lol