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looking into a beauty that could destroy you is pretty powerful, humbled

beautiful albino lion, Photography by: Shlomi Nissim


Adorable Animals in Winter Wonderland

Beautiful white horse galloping through the crisp white snow.

Albino Lion.  So snuggly in appearance to be SO incredibly FIERCE! <3 Not exactly the perfect pet, but a Gorgeous creature!

Albino Animals

The White Lions are rare animals found in South Africa. They are not albinos, but a inherited scarcity, unique to one common region on the glob. Their white color is a result of rare color mutation of the Kruger breed of lion.

Gorgeous white lion

Gorgeous white lion

Pink lion

our-amazing-world: “Lion ✿⊱╮ Amazing World beautiful amazing ”

León Negro... La grandeza de la naturaleza

The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. I think this is one of the most beautiful animals

Lion King On The Prowl

Lion running Big cats Wild Fierce King of kings León Löwe Leo Powerful beauty


Shy lion how long til weekend i cant take this week !

To Read or Not to Read: I am so thankful my God has not placed me in a pit...

a white lion. There are only 500 white lions worldwide and all are in captivity since they are considered a great trophy and have been hunted to extinction. There are no laws to protect them from further extinction.


LIONESSES AT THE WATERING HOLE Photograph by Ranger Chad Cocking of the Motswari Private Game Reserve Taken at the Motswari Private Game Reserve in South Africa, we see two lionesses having a drink at a watering hole.

So sweet

Father lion hugs his baby

White Lion - photo by Maresa:

White Deer

A Collection Of The Most Beautiful Albino Animals

( Rest in Peace ). The selfishness of little minded hunters is evil. They need to kill, possess and steal.and then are proud and brag.

~ulantia~ | ~white dawn~  http://ulantia.tumblr.com/内个啥,我想睡觉~闹挺

Minimalist illustration of a white llama in profle with eyes closed on a neutral gray background. Would love to illustrate a bunch of animals in white like this.


Dad, when I grow up you mean this will all be mine? That's right, Simba. (don't know if my memory is accurate but this seems like it was taken from the natural world of the movie Lion King.