Kida, my favorite princess!!!

Winter Kida by `daekazu on deviantART. This is Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. I haven't actually seen that movie, but I loved this art.

Taija's Drawing Board : Photo

My own dress sense is questionable at best but I love looking up and drawing beautiful/unusual/historical/all of the above outfits. I’m not a lolita aficionado so I referenced from this.

Rapunzel by Amy Mebberson, via Flickr

This Mary. She is She loves having her hair braided and loves having flowers in there. She loves her pet Pete. She is super sweet.

Disney Princess Designer Collection Concept Art: Mulan. #disney

disneypedia: “ Designer Princess Concept by disneysexual *Please do not remove credit or caption so the artist can be credited!

vintage_princess___belle_by_selinmarsou-d7iuij4.png (1300×1822)

Hehe I bet everyone thought that I won't finish my Vintage Princesses series XD Yeah, I know, I'm slow but I haven't got inspiration for these in the la.

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