Badass Princesses. NYCC piece...two of my favorites!


Day Favorite Disney Heroine: I couldn't choose between these two! My favorites. They are the meaning of heroine. Merida and Mulan

All the Pocket Princesses thus far - Album on Imgur

All the Pocket Princesses thus far

Why is Disney so beautiful

This is one of my very favorite Disney Artists! Stunning disney art by artist Rodel Gonzalez.

Hiccup and merida

How to Train Your Dragon meets Brave :) Whoa. Can't say I ship it, but I do like this ;

I'm not a fan of many Disney things. Especially princesses. But Merida is by far one of the best Disney  (yes i know technically shes pixar, but theyre owned by disney so ) characters. I love Brave sooo much.

Merida is truly an amazing role model. It's possible to make every princess a positive, strong female role model, but it is a bit of a stretch for some of them.


Fan Art of Baby Tinkerbell for fans of Classic Disney. Tinkerbell : ) look at this to cute Childress Drugatz