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Wise words on love by Mother Teresa.

I think this quote speaks to the twice exceptional child perfectly. If parents and teachers always harp on the disability and what they cannot do, they begin to feel discouraged and frustrated. Seeing the abilities of the student and drawing attention to their strengths encourages students and helps to ensure their success.

be a giver...i was once told to give til it hurts. if it doesn't hurt, you're not giving enough :)

One of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol is that you may say things that can really hurt people.

Inspirational Quote Mother Teresa Love Printable

Some people do need to watch their mouth more...Maybe a good reminder for them

This was one of the things I began doing about right months ago that has changes my life and brought me back to myself.

Motivational Quote Typographic Print "Be Yourself" Inspirational Quote Wall Decor Art Style Typography Poster PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD